Accountant Resume Templates

Do you need to find a job as an accountant? You are in the right place. We have the accountant resumes you need!

We have professionally made accounting resume templates to help you stand out from the competition and show that you are the most outstanding person for the job. Our CVs come in Word or .pages format, easily editable. We have standard A4 and US formats. You can use free programs like Microsoft Word (.doc), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Photoshop (.psd) to edit anything you want. What are you waiting for?

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What is an accountant resume?

This type of resume is suitable to apply for an accountant position in any organization or company.

These documents show and highlight your skills, abilities, knowledge, training, experience, references, in order to qualify for the job.

This template is suitable to fill any job vacancy for a staff accountant, accounting manager, or senior accountant.

How to create an accountant resume?

1. Start with the header

This is the section that the eyes of potential employers will go straight to in order to identify the person the document belongs to. What you will want to place here is your complete name, phone number, and email address. Also, you should consider including a 2-by-2 picture of yourself so that can easily be identified and remembered. Just make sure that the image is of high quality.

2. Make Your Summary

To succeed with this CV template for a public accountant, you have to highlight your skills. Highlight what you know how to do and what your skills are in the work experience section.

Always use traditional fonts that make it easy to read (Arial or Times New Roman) and try to maintain a careful aesthetic throughout the document. We recommend wide margins, generous spaces and bold for subtitles.

3. Share Your Work History and Skills

An experience that should be listed chronologically and in reverse (last job first, as that is the most important to the recruiter).

Also highlight the details of each position, making it clear in a few words the position you held, what tasks you performed, what your responsibilities were, what objectives you achieved, etc. The important thing is that you take advantage of the space and highlight the most significant information, since the recruiter will not spend much time reading your CV.

Draw attention as you can, even giving the document an original touch. You can include links to works that you have posted on the internet, profiles on networks or video presentations. It is much better than trying to attract attention with unusual fonts that can take their toll.

4. Provide Your Education

There are certain positions that require meeting certain educational requirements. Make sure you have met all educational requirements for the job. List all the educational institutions that attended, detailing the years attended, and the year of graduation.

Beware of lies, no matter how small. It is often said that everyone lies on the resume to look good, but there is nothing better than the truth in a selection process. It is no longer just a question of ethics, it is that you can be caught at any time: before, during or after the interview. And if they catch you, the lie will be expensive.

5. List Down Any Accomplishments You’ve Made

Include only outstanding accomplishments that are related to accounting. Be very specific by adding year of graduation or who gave you the outstanding award.

The most common mistake that can ruin this CPA CV template is overdoing the document extension. Including a lot of information does not ensure that the recruiter will notice you more. In fact, the opposite is likely to happen: you will get bored. Never send a document with more than two sheets, and if it can be all in one, all the better.

6. Explain your personal interests and backgrounds.

Esta es la oportunidad para que le muestre a su empleador potencial qué tipo de empleado será y qué tipo de personalidad mostrará en el lugar de trabajo si lo contratan. Asegúrese de compartir únicamente aquellos pasatiempos e intereses personales que le han ayudado a crecer y desarrollarse como persona y los que le han ayudado a convertirse en contador profesional.

7. Make a professional photograph

Lastly, don’t use an inappropriate photo. Always use a formal photo, in which you come out well dressed and with your best smile. It is better not to cut photos in which you appear in a nightclub or restaurant. If necessary, go to a professional photographer.

8. Save your CV in Pdf

Do not send resumes in Word format. The recruiter may not be able to open the CV because they don’t have the right program. And this will not do you any good no matter how well elaborated it is. Always save it in PDF.