Advertising Resume Templates

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What Is an Advertising Resume?

Advertising resumes are formal documents that have a summary of a person’s background, which includes work experience, contacts, educational background, skills, and interests. An advertising resume has a specific purpose since it is used to apply for a job in advertising agencies.

How to Create an Advertising Resume

Leadership is everything. Keep in mind that you are going to apply for a position of responsibility that, in general, will force you to lead a fairly large team of workers. Therefore, do not miss any opportunity within your resume to highlight your abilities to be a leader and, obviously, to motivate those who will develop their work under your command.

Put passion in it. Hiring managers look for candidates for the position of advertising manager who like what they do and are comfortable in high-stress situations. Therefore, when writing your summary, put some strokes of passion and love for your profession.

1. Digital skills

Emphasize your digital skills. It is also good that, as we have done in this CV template for advertising manager, you detail your knowledge of tools typical of advertising, such as, for example, graphic design. This will show that you can understand the work of those who will be in your charge and will show that, if necessary, you will be able to put on your overalls and collaborate like anyone else.

2. Know another language

The importance of knowing another language. Advertising agencies, for quite some time, stopped reducing their scope of action at the local and national level. In fact, companies are also looking for companies in all corners of the world that fit the needs and profiles of their campaigns. Therefore, if you know English or any other language, put it in great detail. You will get a lot of advantage over those candidates who do not.

3. Tailor your advertising resume specifically to the position

Aside from gathering information about the company in general, you should also obtain information about the position and tailor your resume to fit it. Although some of this information can already be read in the job search listings, companies usually don’t provide everything there and leave it up to the aspirant to do their own research. Keywords to look after during this step include communication and/or organizational skills.

4. Previous experience

Detail your previous experience. If you aspire to a position of responsibility, it is normal for employers to want to know what experience you have previously had leading work teams and, in addition, carrying out your work as a publicist in command of others. So do not hesitate to put both situations and detail each and every one of the tasks you have carried out so that they can get a fairly realistic idea of ​​your profile.

5. Add a portfolio to your advertising resume

A very common mistake among advertising manager candidates is not including a link where you can view your portfolio. And it is that, although this is not strictly a creative position, employers want to know the style and artistic capacities of the candidates. After all, they must be able to fully understand the needs of those who will be in charge of them in the future. So, in one line and at the end of the whole, feel free to include a link to yours.

6. Don’t make mistakes in your advertising resume

Another very common mistake that we haven’t made in this advertising manager CV template is not to mention past jobs in terms of enriching experiences. Obviously, you have not had to leave your previous job happy, but this does not mean that you have to show it on your resume or, obviously, in the subsequent interview. Keep in mind that employers highly value loyalty, so they will always have a better image of your profile if you talk about your past jobs in positive terms.