Application Development Resume Templates

When we sign up for a job offer, the first step is always the presentation of the resume For this reason, have at our disposal an example application development resume. can be of great help to us. On a professional level, the resume is much more important than we can imagine, since the personnel selection teams always make a first selection using the resume received as a reference. Hence, it is essential to present a well-detailed, concise curriculum with relevant information as in this example, applications development resume.

What is an Application Development Resume?

Professions related to new technologies are undoubtedly in high demand in the labor market. Among all the positions, that of programmer is one of the most requested by companies today.

There are many programmers. Front end programmers focus on the part that the user of an application, software or web sees, with what they interact. While a back end programmer takes care of the technology behind it. Also, there are full stack programmers who develop both parts, the front and the back end. What kind of development do you do? Are you a front-end, back-end or full stack programmer?

Even so, if you are a computer programmer you should strive to create an attractive resume to impress recruiters. A good CV will open doors for you and allow you to find a good job.

A programmer’s cv has specific characteristics that must be taken into account when writing it. In this type of CV, knowledge and technical experience are very important. It is necessary to mention the technologies that are mastered, they will be key in most of the selection processes.

Example of Application Development Resume Templates

Pedro Manuel Ramirez Palazon / Avenida del Cicista Pedro Delgado, 14 – Segovia / 94 333 66 11 /


2007-2011 Degree in Systems Informatics. Complutense University of Madrid.
2011-2012 Master in development of applications for mobile devices. Open University of Catalonia.


2008 Technological English course. Complutense University of Madrid.
2010 Seminar on application development. Complutense University of Madrid .
2011 Seminar on software for applications. Open University of Catalonia.
2015 Intensive conference on design and architecture of mobile applications


2011-2012 Internship in a company specialized in the development of games for mobile devices. Support tasks in the design of applications for different systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
2012-2015 Applications Engineer. Konami Spain. Developing tasks of design and adaptation of games for mobile devices.


Native Spanish.
English: advanced level.
Catalan: basic level.
French: basic level.


Extensive knowledge in mobile applications.
Specialized management of software.
High level of programming.
Systems architecture expert.
Responsibility and seriousness.
Commitment to work.
Very high English level.
Possibility of change of address.
Experience in organizing teams.


What you have just read is just an application engineer CV example, if you keep visiting LiveCareer you will find very useful information to write or adapt your own CV. With our help you will not resist your next job interview.


Previous experience is what companies value the most when hiring staff. Therefore, this is the section you should pay the most attention to when writing your resume. To do this, describe in at least three or four points the main functions of your job as a developer.

Make it clear what technologies you have worked with. But here you don’t have to list them all, only the most important ones.

It can also be very useful to explain the sector of the company you work for, especially if it is not known. Having experience in the development of software for the same type of activity that is demanded is usually a valuable factor, sometimes even essential.

Use the reverse chronological format, which consists of starting with the most recent experience and then the previous one in chronological order backwards.

The job title is important. Are you a software developer, web developer, back end programmer, front end programmer or full stack programmer? If you are very specialized in a technology you can also include it in the title: .NET programmer, Java programmer.


10/2018 – Present Analyst – Programmer, IT Technical Services, Bilbao

  • Taking requirements with the client
  • Requirements analysis and application design
  • Application development using Javascript, PHP, MySQL
  • Technical support to clients

12/2014 – 10/2018 Full Stack Developer, Finanbest, Madrid

  • Front End and Back End development of applications with Typescript, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5
  • Application testing
  • Troubleshooting

07/2011 – 12/2014 Web Programmer, Sistemas Informáticos SL, Madrid

  • Development of web applications for clients of the financial sector company using Javascript, PHP
  • Web application maintenance
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap layout
  • Handling XML, JSON data


In many jobs, an essential requirement is higher education in Information Technology. If you have it, mention it in this section. If you have not finished your studies yet, instead of the end date, put “studying” or “current”. If you have abandoned your studies before finishing them, put until which course you have taken.

If you have other relevant training for the job, mention it as well.


  • 2007 – 2011 Telecommunications Engineering, University of New York


This section is very important in the curriculum of a programmer. Here you can list all the programming languages ​​you know and computer tools you have used. But be careful, don’t write an endless list. Avoid including those in which you have very basic knowledge. Mention only those that you are proficient and those that are important to the job title.

When a recruiter searches their database, they will most likely use programming languages ​​and tools that are required for the position, such as keywords to find the ideal candidate. So make sure not only that you name them, but also that you do it correctly, without typographical errors.


  • Javacript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap


It is common to mention languages ​​on a programmer’s resume. In some positions you will have to use a foreign language to interact with clients. In others you will need a minimum level of English to understand technical manuals. If you also master any other language, include it in this section.


  • English – Very high
  • Basque – Native

Curriculum design

The content of the CV is essential, but the appearance also matters. A messy resume, boring and unclear design, won’t help you land a job. A document with a touch of color is ideal for a programmer resume. Color brings modernity to your resume, but try to keep it professional. For this, it is recommended to use a predesigned template.