Assistant Resume Templates

If you need a resume to present yourself to an assistant position in production, administration or research positions, you are in the right place.

A well-written resume can be the start to the job you’re looking for. Our goal is to help you get the job by offering professional, fully editable, high-quality, printable assistant resume templates. Our templates are in MS Word or Apple Pages.

What Is An Assistant Resume?

An administrative assistant should be adept at teamwork, where he is expected to provide valuable support to other employees in the office. At the top of your responsibilities is the duty to ensure that all office operations run smoothly. Administrative assistants must be able to handle multiple projects at the same time and must be experts in office equipment and commonly used computer programs. The ideal candidate has a gift for organization and enjoys working with others on a daily basis.

What does an administrative assistant do?

Administrative assistants are responsible for a wide range of office tasks that vary depending on the industry in which they work. They often have a number of administrative tasks including answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, receiving and recording payments, organizing and maintaining filing systems, and ordering and distributing office supplies.

Administrative assistants can work for one person or for an entire division of the office, which can also affect their duties. They may be responsible for organizing employee travel, planning conferences and meetings, and editing and formatting employee correspondence.

Administrative assistants must be adept at multitasking and able to remain calm under pressure. On a day-to-day basis, administrative assistants are expected to provide excellent support to fellow employees and visitors to the office. An ideal candidate has a specific degree and some experience working in management.

How To Create An Assistant Resume

A successful resume for an administrative assistant should highlight superior organizational and project management skills, as well as excellent communication skills. By using one of the tested ResumeTemplates resumes in real life situations and following these helpful tips on creating your resume, you will chart your way to the job you are looking for.

1. Draft All The Important Details

Highlight your greatest achievements and attributes here. Remember to use as many impactful action verbs and job-specific information as you can.

Administrative assistants provide valuable support to office workers and should display their best skills on their resume. It’s crucial to highlight the key attributes that effectively demonstrate your qualifications and accomplishments for this detail-oriented work.

Competent administrative assistant with more than 7 years of office experience, specializing in administrative work, problem solving, planning and quality assistance. Known for increasing productivity and easing the workload of managers. Proven efficiency with the ability to quickly learn and operate any office file system or software program.

2. Work experience

List all positions relevant to clerical work, or positions that have transferable functions and / or skills necessary for an administrative assistant position. Remember to use powerful action verbs and mention specific job accomplishments that prove you are a great candidate.

  • She worked as a direct assistant to the production supervisor, supporting all aspects of production and office management.
  • Trusted person to analyze and interpret the data, and handle all shipments, deliveries and orders of materials. Known as the “contact person” for all departments, including quality control, accounting and management.
  • He worked to reduce executive overhead by managing all interactions with the company’s customers, including walk-ins, email, phone, and fax.

3. Education

List all your degrees and certifications here. Any honor or distinction must also be mentioned here. If you have a college degree or a master’s degree, you can skip secondary education.

2008 – 2010 Madrid IE Business School, Business Administration

4. Skills

An outstanding resume for an administrative assistant, like this example, should include a number of impactful administrative skills that your employer is looking for in a candidate. To be considered a great candidate, you must present yourself as a hardworking and thoughtful individual, an expert in multitasking and project management. Make sure to include specific skills for the job.


  • Inventory control
  • Planning
  • Customer Support

5. Do A Final Edit

Statistics show that an estimated 77% of hiring managers immediately disqualify resumes because of grammatical mistakes or typos. If you don’t want your resume to be a part of that data figure, then you probably need to double-check or possible triple check it to achieve a clean, easy to understand, consistent and professionally looking assistant resume.

Sample Assistant Resume Template

John Keneddy
Tel. +123 888888888


SCHEDULE: 8-4-1250
AGE: 23 years
DATE OF BIRTH: March 11, 1982
NATIONALITY: US citizenship


Provide all my knowledge to the company and thus be able to demonstrate my abilities, skills and learning capacity in order to acquire more experience that allows me to develop within a professional field.


Education Institution Title
University Un. National Bachelor of Finance and Banking
Col. Int’l Saint George Secondary School Bachelor of Science and Letters with Business Orientation
Primary Col. Int’l Saint George Primary Certificate


  • Institution Topic Year
  • National University of Pmá. Central America Free Trade Area 2002


  • Spoken and written English)
  • Customer service via telephone and personalized.
  • Management of computer programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, beginner in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw)
  • Management of the Internet.
  • Handling of typewriters (manual and electric), Fax, Scanner, Photocopiers, simple laminator, consoles and telephone exchanges.
  • Classification of files.
  • Correspondence record
  • Preparation of bags.
  • Inventory.


June 23, 2004 – Current ENCY GROUP (Import and Export Company of Brand Clothing)
Receptionist – Administration
Answer incoming calls on the console and make local and international calls, Assemble and receive suitcases, distribute the suitcase in the company box, Receive documents and stamp them with the date and time, keep track of visits.
Assist in a general way in all the activities of the Human Resources Department: Develop vacancy announcements, search for resumes according to the position needed and classify them according to requirements, Coordinate interviews, Appoint candidates, Apply Psychotechnical tests, interview candidates, Check references, register to daily disability, leave and vacation of company employees.
Phone 8885-8000

March 2004 – March 2004 TRE-COR COMPANY PANAMA (Call-Center)
Telephone operator
Customer service. Make international calls offering the products that the company sells.

29 January 2003 – March 2003 AMERICAN BANK
Assistant in the Operations department
Keep order in files of deposits and loan files, Order daily bank movements, KYC review in regularization of new booklets (to rule out any anomaly), make lists in Excel of garments in custody. Telephone 555-7311 Ext. 308

25April 2001- August 2002 ELITE PRODUCTION (Marketing Company)
Secretary – Receptionist
Keep agenda of the owner of the company and sellers, Writing notes and letters, Keeping the order of the File, Preparation of quotes, invoices, receipts and checks, Exclusive customer service, Keeping accounts receivable and accounts payable, Carry out calls to offer the services of the company and at the same time make appointments, Be aware of the entire process from the quote to the delivery of the work. Follow up on all customers. Telephone 233-7007.


Vilma Vergara Chemical Advertising Tel 555555

Juan José Aldeano Elite Production Tel 7777007

Arcadio Clement Atlantic Security Bank Tel 555-731

What qualities should I highlight for the assistant position?

As we have said before, the most important thing is that you show that you are an organized person. For this job, recruitment technicians look for someone decisive, with attention to detail, punctual, responsible and with the ability to perform several tasks at the same time.

Also, try to emphasize that you are a person they can trust, for example, to organize meetings, write minutes or send important documentation. Assistants are the mainstays of almost every company, so make it show on your resume.

How do I adapt my assistant resume to each job offer?

The first thing you have to do is read the job offer a few times and write down the most relevant aspects. You already have it? Surely you have found several keywords that are essential for the position.

Well, modify your resume and add those keywords so that recruiters know at a glance that your profile fits the position 100% and that it is not a generic version written for any position.

If your experience or your training is very extensive, mention only the one that is most relevant to the position you are applying for at all times. In this way, your resume will stand out from the rest of the candidates.

How long should the job descriptions be on an assistant resume?

Our recommendation is that resumes should not have more than one page, since it only takes a few seconds for recruitment technicians to decide if your resume deserves to move on to the next phase or not.

With this in mind, we believe that descriptions should have no more than three or four points, highlighting the most important and most relevant information for the position. If your descriptions are too long, try narrowing down those of the older posts so that you can focus on explaining the newer ones.

This way, they will know at a glance that you have the necessary experience to fill the role of assistant in the new company.

What are the core competencies of an assistant?

Don’t forget to include the core competencies recruiters are looking for for this particular position and highlight your best professional qualities.

Essential competencies

  • Good organization
  • Efficient
  • Responsable
  • Professional ethics
  • Multi-tasking capability

Additional skills

  • Good character
  • Good presence
  • Teamwork
  • Puntuality
  • Flexibility