Basic and Classic Resumes Models

Choose the Classic Curriculum model that best suits your profile and the sector of activity in which you wish to practice. This type of CV is the favorite of our Internet users. These basic CV designs to complete are essentially composed with a dark colored text on a white background, since we want to give a touch of simplicity, sobriety and elegance to these Curriculum Vitae.

Our classic CV templates to fill out for free adapt to all profiles. If you don’t want to risk a lot, this type of template will be a safe piece and adapted to your needs. The basic Curriculum Vitae examples are ideal for people with a financial, commercial, industrial or engineering profile.

Basic CV templates to download and complete in Word:

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

Why make a classic or basic resume

A classic or basic Curriculum Vitae model is perfect for all kinds of professional profiles, and you don’t run the risk of overdoing the information or design. A classic resume allows you to show your commitment and interest to the company you want to work for. The basic CV will make a very good impression on the recruiter.

How to make a classic or basic resume

If you wonder how to make a classic or basic resume in 2020, the answer is very simple: download one of our basic CV templates. Our designs have the necessary characteristics to make a good 2020 resume. Once you have downloaded the template of your choice, you can edit it in Word. You may also change the font size, style, colors, photography, and more. Feel free to download it right now and make the basic resume of your choice.

Basic CV for free download

All our basic or classic resume templates are free from our page. Choose the model of your choice, then click on the download button and you’re done. In a second you will have the file on your device.