Basic Resume Templates

Do not think that a basic resume is easier than any other. It involves carefully studying the goals of each candidate in order to create a personalized and effective resume that allows them both to start the world of work, and to continue their career in a new sector or in a different job.

Of course, there are several types of basic resumes. It cannot be the same as that of a teenager, who continues studying but already wants to have his first CV, than that of a person with his training completed, who starts his job search. In the latter case, the interest in a specific professional area in which that person wishes to develop their professional career will surely prevail.

Whatever your starting situation, presenting a selection process with a basic curriculum raises doubts and difficulties. For this reason, we have created this guide to help those who are looking for work starting from scratch, make a basic CV that will facilitate the start of their work activity or promote a good boost to their career.

Don’t worry about lack of experience. With your basic resume, you can be the ideal candidate for the job position you want.

What are the Advantages of Basic Resumes?

Almost the most difficult thing when it comes to creating a basic resume is deciding what your goal is and in which direction you want to focus your career. If this is clear to you, your resume will practically write itself. This is the big difference with a professional resume. In your first CV you can begin to define your professional profile since your work experience will not do it for you.

Especially after finishing studies, things are not always clear and the future is perfectly planned.

If you find yourself in this situation, try to answer the following questions, which may be useful when defining which sector may best fit you according to your goals and objectives.

  • Of the jobs or projects that I have done in the past, which one has been a real motivation for me?
  • In what sector or in what job do I see myself in 10 years?
  • Of the qualities and abilities that I have, which ones could be useful when developing a certain job?
  • With your goal in mind, it is time to choose the right design to shape your basic resume, always keeping in mind the
  • ideal structure according to the company or job position you plan to send it to.

Remember that there are three resume formats: the chronological, the functional, with a special focus on skills and aptitudes, and the combined or hybrid, which is a mixture of both and includes skills and experience in equal parts. For students or people with little experience in the workplace, the latter is the most advisable.

Once the goal has been defined and the format selected, in order to complete an attractive curriculum vitae, the candidate must know how to demonstrate their skills and knowledge about a certain industry or sector through the different sections included in their curriculum.

Not all the sections of a conventional resume serve you and it is important not to limit yourself to making an enumeration, but to give details about how that knowledge was obtained or what the circumstances have been that have allowed the development of those skills.

Another important tip when writing a first resume is to keep keywords in mind. Keywords play a decisive role in your cv templates, because with them you can avoid that first cut in the selection process that, in most cases, is already done automatically through ATS (Applicant Tracking System), especially if you plan to send it to a large company.

In addition, keywords are essential to get the person in charge of the process to stop at that specific cv when finding the words that define the characteristics that he is looking for in the person he needs to fill a certain vacancy.

When you respond with your basic CV to a job offer, do not forget that many of those keywords are in the description of the job offered.

As a last step, we must insist on the importance of reviewing and rereading the basic curriculum before sending it. Check that it responds to the requested profile, which includes all the relevant information and the necessary keywords.

Also, make sure of its impeccable presentation, without typographical, spelling or style errors, because any mistake of this type can end the opportunity to go to the personal interview.

What sections should you include in a Basic CV?

Regardless of the format you choose, any simple resume should always include the standard sections that we describe below.

Of course, in them you must show all the relevant information in the clearest and most concise way possible so that, in this way, your curriculum vitae successfully passes the selection process.

Introduction or summary

The first three or four lines of the basic cv are of special importance. It’s about making a short introductory summary that grabs the recruiters’ attention with very few words.

This introduction is vital for HR managers, who are examining hundreds of templates, to notice yours and find that your profile is suitable to move to the next step: the personal interview.

For this summary to be effective, it is essential to highlight the skills that make you the right person for the job. To achieve this, you must include the necessary keywords (many appear in the job offer itself) and the relevant information.


The section dedicated to studies and training in general takes center stage in a basic CV, since the candidate who aspires to a certain job does not have a remarkable experience. Highlighting academic achievements is therefore essential for the curriculum to be a winner.

Each degree, each course, each diploma … all academic achievements must appear clearly, well separated, each one in different headings in which all the necessary information is detailed as much as possible: the name of the course or master’s degree, the date of completion, the institution where you took it, the degree of training obtained etc.

Always start by recounting the most recent studies and follow a chronological order with the others. Only grades or average grades should be included without they are really outstanding.

This is also the ideal section in which the awards or recognitions that you have been able to obtain for your studies, for research work or projects carried out or for your participation in an extracurricular activity should appear.


Within this section of the basic CV, you must include, in detail, any job, paid or not, specifying if it has been full or part time, temporary or permanent, if it is an internship or a scholarship … volunteer work that you have been able to do.

Specify dates, duration of employment, where it has been developed and very important! What has your work consisted of? This is one of the great differences when it comes to making a resume in which candidates already have some work experience in the sector in which they want to apply.

If you have opted for a basic resume model, you will not have much experience but, if you have had some small complementary work, it is important, in this section, to emphasize any position that you have assumed that implies some responsibility or leadership. If this happens, describe what your responsibility has consisted of and indicate what achievements or progress your participation in a certain job has meant.

For your simple resume to have the desired effect, it is essential that you adapt your experience (even if it is limited) to the position or position to which you aspire. To achieve this, remember that keywords play an essential role.


It is undoubtedly a section of vital importance that you should pay special attention to when preparing a basic curriculum vitae. This section will probably give potential employers an idea of ​​your individual profile. This is the ideal section to point out that your skills are perfectly suited to the functions required by the position at stake.

Capture all the technical and practical skills you have: knowledge of information technologies, languages ​​and also personal characteristics that reveal your character, your way of being, your aspirations and your way of understanding work.

Also in this section, do not forget the importance of including keywords that appear in the job offer, relating them to your own skills.

Keep in mind that those responsible for any selection process are used to seeing basic resumes of candidates with little or no experience and always pay special attention to the skills section trying to find that person whose characteristics are perfect for the vacant position.

How to deal with the writing of the first curriculum vitae?

There are different types of simple CVs and one of those that deserves special attention is the one indicated for adolescents who, perhaps, continue to study but are looking for a summer job or a part-time job compatible with their training.

At that crucial moment in life, they face the first challenge when it comes to finding a job: creating their first resume.

Although making a teenager’s CV is not easy, there is nothing impossible! So, if this is your case, look at the basic rules to prepare it and make it a winning resume.

As a general rule, an adolescent does not have outstanding work experience, so the most advisable format is the functional one, one that collects the qualities and activities that someone very young has been able to develop and that can benefit them when opting for a first job.

You have hundreds of basic resume templates perfect for teens. They are a great advantage because in them you already have the structure and guidelines that you must follow when making a first resume.

The next step is the content. You must watch the sentences and texts. Adolescents participate in a multitude of groups: social, sports, virtual communities … these groups allow precisely the development of skills and the first experiences that are crucial to develop a basic curriculum. Make those experiences fit into the different sections: education, skills, extra curricular activities.

Finally, when you have completed the content, it is essential that you edit and review your basic resume, paying close attention to every detail. Asking a teacher, a classmate or your parents to take a look at it will assure you 100% that there are no errors, that the information you provide is adequate, that it is exposed correctly and that, in short, it is a winning cv that no selector will discard.

Whether you have finished your Bachelor and want to enter the world of work, or if you are looking for an internship or a temporary job, customize your basic CV to stand out and get potential employers to get an idea of ​​your potential and what kind of worker you can become.

See more information in our special on how to write a curriculum for students and solve all doubts.

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