Business Resume Templates

To have a successful job hunting requires a polished resume. A resume is a visual document that employers look at for a couple of seconds. Luckily for you, offers you well-organized with ready-made business resume templates that you can purchase for an affordable price. Give your employer a high-quality business resume that is professionally-written just to tailor your needs. Our easily editable templates will make it convenient for you when making minor changes for your business resume. Quickly apply changes through Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Don’t waste any more time. Download one of our premium business resume templates now and get your dream job.

What is a Business Resume?

People would often interchange a resume and curriculum vitae. Although both are used in job applications, they are quite different from each other. The primary differences are the length and content. Both are widely used but a printed resume is more formal when it comes to applying for corporate jobs.

In the business industry, your electronic or printed resume is what defines you and how suitable you are for the job whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional. Business resumes are professional resumes for the corporate world. It can come as an analyst, customer service, human resource, managerial, marketing, technology, and administrator resume.

How to Write a Business Resume

The job market has its fair share of early highs and lows. One problem with the job market is the current unemployment rate. Economists expect the labor industry to reach heights. If you are looking to begin a fresh job then prepare a winning resume sample. It can be difficult to write relevant information on your resume, especially with the changing resume formats and preferences. Do not worry though, we have listed here five important content that will guide you on how your resume should look like this 2019.

1. Resume Objective

Job seekers would include a resume objective in their resumes. The objectives for a resume is tailored to the job you are applying for. A resume objective is a brief statement of your employment goals. It can also be simply stating the job title you want to apply for. It can also describe where you have been and what you hope for in your career. This is usually listed at the top of your professional resume and typically consists of one to two sentences.

2. Personal Information

Any employer would want to know the person who is applying. The personal information section, usually states the job seeker’s complete name, current address, contact information, and, sometimes, your social media profile links. Be selective when providing personal information. According to the University of Minnesota, do not list your age, race, gender, religious affiliations, marital status, social security number, and driver’s license number.

3. Work Experience

Fresh graduates have the choice to not include a work experience section. But for those with relevant past job experiences, you will need to write down all of them. However, it is best if you will only share job experiences that are related to the job role you are applying for. Use a chronological format when listing your work experience. The chronological resume format will list your work experience from recent to your past job experience.

4. Education

There will be hiring managers who will look for information about your education such as if you have a bachelor’s degree. They will need to determine if you have the required education that is compatible with the job title. For example, hiring managers won’t hire an person who submits a student resume for a business analyst position.

5. Skills

Now, there will be hiring managers that will not care if you did not graduate in business management for a project manager job role. This is where your skills come in. Highlight relevant skills that will show that you are the most competent applicant fit for the job. Do not lie about your skills in your manager resume document since employers will expect you to act on your skills in the workplace.

6. Additional Sections

Writing noteworthy achievements you earned can distinguish you from other applicants. However, share only those that are important to the work you want to apply for. Those previous job descriptions or achievements will show how competent you are in the industry.