Community Manager Resume

Although the resume of a community manager follows the same structure as the CVs of other professions, it is true that it must include some aspects and knowledge typical of professionals in this sector.

Anyone looking for a job as a community manager should have communication skills and knowledge of how to manage communities and how to use social media tools.

Unlike what happens with the resumes of other professions, the figure of the community manager is relatively new and there is no career or university degree of “degree in community manager”, so it is normal that if you are a professional of this sector, your university education may not be entirely related to this field and yet you have taken different courses or training

In addition, not all community managers are specialized in the same or are dedicated exclusively to the management of communities and social networks. Some are also content writers or “copywriters”, they know SEO techniques, web analytics, design … If this is your case, this knowledge is a plus in the Internet world, so when writing your resume as a community, you should not forget to include it.

Resume of a social media If you have previous experience as a community manager, it is best to focus on where you have worked, including the dates, what you were in charge of and even if you can provide specific data in your portfolio, you will have material on which to demonstrate your knowledge and competencies in case they call you for a personal interview.

Community Manager resume sections

Next, we will show you which are the three sections that cannot be missing from your product manager resume. Not only that, we will also explain each of them in detail so that you can insert them into your document in the best possible way. Continue reading!

Work experience

The jobs you have done previously, as well as the tasks and responsibilities that you have developed while performing them, are key for the recruiter to develop a first professional profile. For this reason, you must be very careful and explain your work experiences very well.

Keep in mind that not all your jobs have the same value, so try to choose only those that are similar or that have at least some relevance to the vacancy offered.

When capturing your work experiences, do not leave aside these fundamental data:

  • Job name (ex: IT Product Manager)
  • Start and end date (ex: Oct 2015 – Feb 2019)
  • Company name (ex: Inditex)
  • Responsibilities (ex: development and research of X product)
  • Achievements (optional)

Professional and personal skills are increasingly in demand by companies related to this profession. For this reason, we believe that this section cannot be missing from your product manager resume.

To give you a clearer idea, these are some of the most demanded product manager skills by companies in the sector:

  • Leadership and fluid communication.
  • Training for outbound marketing.
  • Delegation of tasks and team management.
  • Forecasting and problem solving.
  • Proposal and prioritization of objectives.
  • Comprehensive development of projects.
  • Agile management methodologies (Scrum).
  • Team management (back-end, front-end, QA, UI / UX).


Undoubtedly, another of the fundamental parts to complete your profile as a candidate for a product manager position is that of studies. In this section you will have to capture, briefly but in detail, all the courses, training and academic qualifications (especially those carried out in prestigious centers) that have the greatest possible relationship with the vacancy offered. In short, you have to show that your training has helped you gain the necessary knowledge to be a good product manager.

When you include all these concepts in your document, don’t forget to put important details like:

  • Title of the academic activity (ex: Master in Business Administration)
  • Period of realization (ex: Sep 2016 – Jun 2018)
  • Name of the training center (ex: Universidad Pontificia de Comillas)
  • Brief description of what was learned (optional)

Vocabulary for Product Manager CV and Writing Tips

When you go to write your product manager CV, try to use concepts and terms typical of your profession. In this way, you will help the recruiter understand that you are an expert in your sector.

In order to help you in this task, we leave you a couple of lists. In the first, you will find specific vocabulary of product manager and, in the second, action verbs. Feel free to use these terms when writing your resume!

Words you can use

  • Management
  • Jira
  • Amplitude
  • Development
  • Responsibility
  • Agile methodology
  • Progression
  • Qlikview
  • SprintUX / UIROI
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • DoD
  • KPI’s

Action verbs

  • Help
  • Organize
  • Create
  • Motivate
  • Share
  • Explain
  • Direct
  • Prioritize
  • Coordinate
  • Exercise
  • Increase
  • Practice
  • Provide
  • Offer
  • Guarantee


Depending on factors such as your professional experience or your academic training, it will be better for you to choose a model of curriculum vitae for product manager or another.

For example:

  1. Reverse chronological format: your best option if you have held a good number of similar positions and want to organize them from most current to least recent.
  2. Functional model: this format is based on your skills and is ideal for cases in which your experience in the sector is not very bulky and you need to enhance other aspects.
  3. Combined format: the mixture of the previous two, since it combines the characteristics of both CV models to take advantage of all the possibilities and achieve the best possible result.

Tip: as currently professional skills have taken on a great weight, we recommend that, if you meet the requirements for it, you use the combined resume format.


A large part of the candidates get stuck in this very important section of CV creation. This is because not everyone has the skills and criteria of a document design expert. If that’s the case, don’t let the pressure be on you and delegate to the fantastic resume templates approved by ResumeTemplates team of recruiters. Choose yours and create the best document!

As for the design, according to the company you can choose a creative one. However, we recommend that if it is not indicated or suggested by the vacancy / company, you use a more traditional customization for your document.


Are you wondering if you should include a photo on your product manager resume? The answer is: it depends on the country where you are looking for a job.

This is because while in countries like Spain putting an image of the candidate on the resume is practically a mandatory requirement, in others like the United States or England it is very badly considered. So the best thing is that, if you are not sure, you find out what the cultural criteria are in the job search of the country in which you are going to present your candidacy.

As for where you have to place your photograph on the CV, the answer is clearer: at the top of the document, whether it is left, center or right. It is essential that the person in charge of reviewing your resume can see your image as soon as they begin to read it.


Our advice is that you include the following sections in your product manager resume:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Work experience
  • Academic record
  • Skills
  • Languages

If once you have put it into your document you think that it is not as complete as you would like, do not hesitate to add any of these sections:

  • Ratings
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Certificates
  • Voluntary experience
  • References

However, this is just one example of restructuring your resume based on the opinions of expert recruiters in the industry. This means that the last word when choosing some sections or others for your product manager resume is yours.

CV extension

From the outset, as long as the job vacancy requirements do not indicate otherwise, the length of your product manager CV will not have to exceed 2 A4 size sheets (PDF format if possible).

In case you have a lot of data of interest, we invite you to make a draft that will serve as a preliminary selection. In this way, you can later discard those concepts that are not so relevant or that are unnecessary for the job offer to which you are going to present your application.

What to include in the resume of an inexperienced community manager?

If you are going to write your curriculum vitae without experience as a community, but have just finished a specialization or postgraduate course in Social Media, you can focus on training. That is, instead of focusing on the knowledge that experience has given you, focus on the management tools and programs that you know how to handle.

This point is vital whether you have experience or not. In addition, even if you have not had experience with clients, you may manage pages or profiles of an association. If you think it can be a good cover letter for what you know how to do, use it.

Another point to include in any curriculum vitae of a community manager are languages. In an increasingly globalized world in which the language of the Internet is English, it is normal that you see job offers that require language skills. You may even work for foreign clients who send you the information in another language. Indicate your language level (oral, written, and spoken comprehension), and if you have an official qualification that proves it. Finally, do not forget to include your cover letter in which you can expand the information that you consider most important.

If you want to make an impact, you can make an original and totally different resume. In these cases, many choose to make their community cv in an infographic or on a video resume.

Frequent mistakes in the resume of a community manager

Unlike what happens with other professions, in the case of the community manager it is not advisable to write a curriculum by competencies, since it is better to demonstrate your skills and competencies with a “portfolio” with examples of work as a community.

It is important that you indicate the dates in which you have worked as a community and the tasks that you have carried out, but never make the mistake of boasting of achievements as “creator of the hashtag” … or indicate that you are “a Facebook user since … “As you well know, the job of a community is to professionally manage profiles and pages on social networks and be able to react to problems that may arise in them and that may affect the reputation of the brand.