Corporate Resume Templates

To make a company CV and make it look professional, the best thing you can do is download one of our CV templates for free and fill it out in Word. Once you have finished filling in the necessary data, you can save the business CV in PDF format to present a professional format to your potential clients. The most important data that you must show are: company name, line of business, services offered, client portfolio and fiscal address and contact information. It is important to disclose all the information of the company through a document that can gather everything in a professional way.

How to Make a Corporate Resume?

The resume of a company has a series of characteristics that differentiate it from a personal resume. The business curriculum serves to know the experience of a company. In this, the name and activities of the industries to which it has provided its services are made known, and in turn, it provides the opportunity for future clients to know their internal and external achievements.

What should the corporate resume contain?

1.- General data of the company

  • Company name: Write the name of the company at the top in a larger font than the rest of the text; preferably the company logo or letterhead.
  • Address: The exact address of the company or the executive representatives.
  • Contact: Telephone numbers and e-mail pages, as well as the Federal Taxpayers Registry, should be included under the name of one of the representatives or the person who will have direct contact.

2.-Reason for being

  • After the general data, the following must be added;
  • The mission; It describes the role that the organization currently plays in achieving its vision, it is the reason for the company’s existence.
  • The vision; it is the way we see the company later, that is, it is the image we see of the company in the medium to long term.
  • Establish the values ​​on which the company will be based to develop its activity or business.
  • Establish short-term and long-term objectives to carry out the mission of the company, which defines the present and future business activities of an organization.

3.- Development or profile of the company

  • Place and date the company began to operate.
  • Name of the representatives, both national and international (if that is the case).
  • The ability of the company to perform the services it offers, both technical and administrative.
  • The professional support it has, that is, if it is a registered trademark.

4.- Highlight services

  • In this part you should make a list of the services that the company offers. These should be divided into sections, for example: a company that offers its services for the development of software and IT solutions, can divide its services into “software development” and “technical support”.
  • Create a list of 8 or 10 areas of expertise that are directly related to the services offered.

5.- Add a portfolio of clients

And finally, provide the interested party with the portfolio of clients for which they have rented their services. A good business resume can be key to hiring the company, either at the level to enter government tenders or for the provision of private services.