Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples

Making a cover letter or an introduction email is one of the most common requirements when applying for a job, a scholarship or a professional internship. There are different types and examples of cover letter: cover letter for job, job application letter, motivation letter for master, university motivation letter,… and many more.

Choose the cover letter, job application letter or cover letter template below that suits your needs. Download a sample cover letter or email now to edit in Word for free. that suits your needs. Download a sample cover letter or email now to edit in Word for free!

Cover letter examples in Word

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📑 Cover Letter for CV

📑 Cover Letter for Original Resume

📑 Spontaneous Presentation Letter for Self-Application

📑 Cover Letter in English

📑 Employment Application Letter

📑 Motivation Letter for Master

Presentation email examples

📩 Email Presentation for Work

📩 Student Presentation Email

Write a cover letter

As its name indicates, cover letter, also called motivation letter, aims to motivate and seduce the person who will receive your letter. For this reason, in order to motivate the recipient, it is important that the content of your motivation letter is clear, consistent and, most importantly, that it highlights each key element of your profile.

Why is it important to write a cover letter?

In many cases, making a cover letter is not mandatory, but keep in mind that this is a key tool that will allow you to go into a little more detail about who you are and show your true motivation for getting the job, scholarship or study that you want so much. Therefore, even if they do not request it, we advise you to always write a letter that allows you to make a difference and helps you achieve your final goal.

How to make a cover letter?

It is important that the cover letter is professional and written clearly, concisely and without misspellings. Generally, you should direct it to the human resources person or the academic director.

In the motivation letter you have to explain why you meet the requirements to fill the position, show your skills, abilities and knowledge that can differentiate you from other candidates. It is important that you show the strengths that make you the ideal candidate for that position.

In addition, it is important that the structure of the cover letter has an information, salutation, introduction, body and closing part. In this way, you will have a structured and clear letter, which will allow you to correctly present your profile. Do not hesitate to try different models of cards.

What is the difference between a cover letter and a motivation letter?

The cover letter and the motivation letter are very similar, if not the same. There are simply companies, countries or institutions that call it differently but the end goal is the same. The cover letter, as its name says, is ideal to present your profile, and the motivation letter, as well as its name, is ideal to express a candidate’s reasons for occupying that position. These two contents can be within the same letter, and in many cases it is ideal.

However, be it a motivation letter or a cover letter (or both in one), the most important thing is that your letter represents you and shows the best of you.