Cover Letter Templates

Go one step further and accompany your Curriculum Vitae with a good cover letter template! Remember that today there is a large amount of Curriculum that are sent. Therefore, accompanying your CV with a motivation letter is essential. Any additional element that can differentiate you is worth it.

The cover letter and your CV are the first impression that your employer takes. Therefore, you must take care of every aspect of them, their image, their structure and their content. An original and effective Curriculum, accompanied by a modern, clear and well-written motivation letter, are strategic tools that will allow you to obtain the job, scholarship, internship or position at the university that you want so much.

Below, you will find several cover letter designs to download and fill out in Word for free. Ideal for all types of profiles. Select the model you like the most and adapt it with your own content!

Cover letter designs to download and complete in Word: