Customer Service Resume Templates

If you are trying to get a job in customer service, a summary is more effective than a mission statement. A summary shows the recruiter what you have to offer, whether it is experience providing credible customer service or a pleasant approach when assisting clients. A mission statement merely indicates to a potential recruiter or employer that you would like a job, not what you can actually offer.

Sample Resume for Customer Service

Contact information
– Jhon Keneddy
– Address: C / Cabrales, 6, 2º New York.
– Email:
– Telephone number: Landline, 985 323 804; Mobile, 692 222 009.
– Place of birth: Miami.
– Date of birth: 09/10/1990.

Academic training
– Medium-grade vocational training.
* IES nº1, New York.
* Administrative Management Technician.
* 2007/2009.

Vocational training
* Talk “The secretariat and companies”.

– 09/2011 to date: Customer Service. New York, USA.
* Receiving calls, managing inquiries and using a corporate and advertising language as appropriate.
* Attention to complaints and doubts by clients and preparation of appropriate responses to their different problems.
* Management of emails and attention to queries in this way.
* Office administration tasks (document classification, file management, coordinated work with other departments …).
* Eventual attention from suppliers.
* Drafting of documents with results positively valued by the management.
– 07 / 2010-08 / 2010: Children’s entertainer in summer camp.
* Preparation and performance of activities with children.
* Organization of excursions and accompaniment of children.
– 10 / 2009-05 / 2010: Primary revision classes.
* Exam preparation.
* Carrying out school exercises.

– English: A2 Level (Official Language School of Gijón).

– Mastery of the main office programs. – Great organizational capacity.
– Close and cordial treatment with clients. – Friendly in teamwork.
– Serenity to solve common problems. – Communication skills.
– Good coordination with other departments. – Corporate responsability.

– Availability for change of address to any other point in Spain.
– Driving license (B).
– Own vehicle.
– Title of food handler.

How To Create Customer Service Resume

The mixed CV format is ideal for a Customer Service CV, if you have experience in the area, as it presents a way of including the kind of interpersonal or social skills that would otherwise be difficult to quantify. However, be sure to include any quantifiable information that may apply, such as serving a large number of customers to the newspaper or awards earned for exemplary customer service.

To help you get started, here is a sample summary section of a mixed CV that features measurable customer service skills.

“Friendly and energetic Customer Service Representative who delivers excellent service under pressure. Ability to lead 5-10 team members and manage book closings with precision for a total journal of $ 15,000 “.

Focus on skills in customer service

The skills section is where the fundamental part of the CV for Customer Service is established. As you read job descriptions and job postings for keywords, think about the ways you would have applied those important skills listed. Choose between four and six main keywords to include in the skills section. Then link each skill to a related action that you performed in previous jobs.

Customize the CV with skills that correspond to the job you are applying for. This helps to ensure that you have the ability to demonstrate how well your skills are tailored to a specific job position.

Jobs on business websites and job descriptions from sites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are useful places to look for information about what skills you need to include on your CV. Job notice boards that focus on retail positions are also helpful for finding keywords related to customer service.

Look for recurring roles or responsibilities in jobs, these frequent words are keywords and indicate critical customer service skills that the employer is specifically looking for. Make sure to include those keywords in your CV, if you have the necessary skills and requirements. Prioritize those keywords in the abstract and distribute them in the employment history and previous training sections.

Here are some key words and phrases for Customer Service that are commonly requested by hiring managers:

General skills:

  • Claims management
  • Describe products and services
  • Consultative selling skills
  • Process orders
  • Computer skills
  • Account management (process payments / create invoices)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Interpersonal skills

  • Listen: Customers want to talk to someone who not only solves problems and answers their questions, but is interested. This skill will lead to higher customer satisfaction, fewer mistakes, and a higher reputation for the brand.
  • Communication: The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills in Customer Service. Poor communication can result in customer dissatisfaction or conflict.
  • Calm: An excellent customer service representative must remain calm, even when a situation with a customer turns heated. To be the best candidate, you need to be patient and let customers know that you are working hard to resolve the issue.
  • Reliability: When you make a promise to a customer, you have to mean it. Don’t make assumptions and never promise what you can’t deliver. This Customer Service skill shows clients and employers that they can trust you.
  • Ability to read customers’ body language: A good customer service representative must be able to interpret the customer’s current emotional state. This is important to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Willingness to learn: You must strive to be an expert in what you do. This will increase your confidence when working with clients and make you more credible. Always strive to develop your customer service skills.
  • Excellent time management: While you should spend time building relationships with customers, you should also strive to deliver what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Goal Oriented: Your goals could be “respond to all customers within one hour” or “improve Customer Service satisfaction rate by 15% at the end of the year.” Setting realistic goals and achieving them is a good way to develop your customer service skills.
  • Exceed Responsibilities: Try to fulfill by exceeding customer expectations.
    Ability to close deals: Closing the deal doesn’t just mean making a sale. It also means that you must end all conversations by giving the customer the feeling that they have taken care of everything.

If you gather more than six of the keywords you identified, include the remaining skills in your summary and in the work history section. Incorporating keywords naturally increases the chance that an application tracking system (ATS) will extract your CV for better evaluation. Whereas, incorporating keywords where they don’t make sense or including them in incongruous sentences could cause an ATS to treat your CV as spam.

Although customer service jobs can vary widely with respect to the skills and training required for a particular job, there are qualifications that are universal for customer service. Some that can be mentioned are the cordial and prompt attention to the needs of the customers and the accurate recording of orders. Analyze the necessary keywords and prepare each CV to match the ad you are responding to.

How to indicate work experience

You may have a lot of work experience that makes you wonder about what to include in your Customer Service CV. If that’s the case, job postings are a valuable source of information. The recruiter who posted the job listing tells you which skills are valued in the company, so focus on the work experience to allow you to describe the skills that are highlighted in the post.

Another way to determine what to include is to review our customer service selection above to find one that uses a mixed format. Reading the information that other customer service professionals included in resumes can be helpful in choosing what information is important to mention when adding your work history.

Here’s an example of a work history section with measurable accomplishments.

Customer Service Specialist: XYZ Company, Nashville, TN
June 2017 to October 2018

Customer satisfaction guaranteed through fast and efficient order fulfillment
Assistance offered for conflict resolution in difficult situations
Accurate record keeping of approximately 150 phone orders per day
Use of a computer with customer relationship marketing software installed to assist in providing more efficient Customer Service

Showcase your training and knowledge

As you begin to write this final section of your CV listing your job training and knowledge, remember to keep linking the information and keywords in your job description as much as possible. Most customer service positions require only a bachelor’s degree, although you can add some advanced customer service training or training that you have done in a job title.

Here’s how to write the training section of a Customer Service CV.


  • Bachelor’s degree, 2015
  • Parker High School, Nashville, TN

Additional preparation

  • Certification in handling Microsoft Office Suite, which includes spreadsheet and document processing.
  • Experience in using VoIP to communicate with clients

Tips for writing the resume

The job of a customer service professional is to meet the needs of customers and make sure they have a pleasant relationship with the company.

Because society has not yet reached a point where non-human contact services can be provided, the customer representative remains a growing field, with its roles projected to increase by 7% by 2026.

If you are a customer service professional, or looking to break into the industry, you may be writing a resume at:

  • Find a new work environment
  • Earn more money
  • Opting for a leadership role elsewhere

The goal of a customer service resume is to show hiring managers that you would make a valuable contribution to the company. When writing your career goal for a customer service opening, you should be sure to spell out why your previous experience, skills, and accomplishments will benefit the company and help it grow.

A successful customer service resume will include three sentences

  1. The first sentence mentions the number of years of experience in customer service as well as your obligations.
  2. Describe the qualities relevant to the position that qualify you for the published customer service role.
  3. Clarify your ambitions, any certifications / licenses you have, and your educational background.

Our candidate makes it clear that he would make a good customer service representative as he has 5 years of experience in sales, technical support and customer service. In addition, you are up to date with the software used to manage the customer experience.

They include these five fundamental customer service skills

Communication: As a customer service professional, you will need to convey information clearly and tactfully to help customers with any issues they have. Whether verbally or through text, your ability to communicate well is essential for your client to get what they want.

Technique: Working in the customer service industry means that you will use specific software to better serve your customers. Whether it’s Zendesk or Microsoft Office, being familiar with these tools will make your job easier and keep you organized and efficient at work.

Interpersonal: An important aspect of customer service is interaction with people. If you have excellent interpersonal skills, your friendly and outgoing attitude will help you calm customers down and earn the customer loyalty that your company craves.

Troubleshooting: When customers come to customer service, they are looking to resolve a problem they have with your product or service. When this happens, you will need problem-solving skills to help them, while also giving them a pleasant experience with your company.

Patience: Dealing with clients can require large reserves of patience. Whether the client is upset or having pointless questions, it’s part of your job to stay fresh and professional as you politely guide them through their dilemma.