Customer Support Resume Templates

Sample Customer Support resume

A proven sample of a specific resume for your next job in 2021. You can edit this sample Customer Support resume to get started quickly and easily build a perfect resume in just a few minutes. You will only have to fill in your details, download your new curriculum vitae and start your job search today!

How to write a resume for a customer support

Customer service agents must be adept at working in customer service environments where customer satisfaction is the number one priority. The ideal candidate has a superior understanding of the company’s mission and is able to maintain and drive customer volume by forming positive relationships with customers and potential customers.

A successful resume for a customer service agent should show a dedicated attitude and the ability to remain patient and professional in all circumstances. By using one of the tried-and-true RT resumes and following these helpful tips on creating your resume, you will chart your way to the job you’re looking for.

Profile summary example

Highlight your greatest achievements and attributes here. Remember to use as many impactful action verbs and job-specific information as you can. Customer service agents play a vital role in the success of many businesses, so it is crucial to highlight here the key attributes that demonstrate your qualifications and achievements.

Committed and experienced customer service professional with several years of experience working in office customer service environments. It thrives in fast-paced and demanding environments, working to provide clients with the highest level of customer care possible. Goal-oriented and committed to finding solutions to any problem, he brings extensive experience in helping to retain a strong client base and attract new clients.

Example of work experience

List all positions relevant to a customer service position, or positions that have transferable functions and / or skills required for a customer service agent position. Remember to use powerful action verbs and mention specific job accomplishments that prove you are a great candidate.

Creating personalized customer service experiences for customers of all ages.
Training and supervision of new employees.
Maintenance, storage and ordering of inventory in the children’s books section.

Example of the Education section

List all your degrees and certifications here. Any honor or distinction must also be mentioned here. If you have a college degree or a master’s degree, you can skip secondary education.

Aug 2015 – May 2019 University of Cádiz, Degree in Philosophy
Aug 2011 – May 2015 La Salle High School, Baccalaureate Degree

Skills section example

An outstanding resume for a customer service agent, such as this example, should include a number of impressive skills that your employer is looking for in a candidate. A hiring manager looking for a customer service agent will be looking for a well-spoken individual with a strong understanding of the company’s mission and excellent communication skills. Make sure to include specific skills for the job. Check out the sample content below.


  • Customer service techniques
  • Visual merchandising
  • Inventory control
  • Creative problem solving
  • Advanced communication

What does a customer support agent do?

Customer service agents are customer service professionals who act as liaisons between companies and potential customers. They handle incoming calls and inquiries and work to provide optimal customer service and achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer service agents can be responsible for different tasks, depending on the company they work for. They often answer questions and concerns related to products or services provided by a company, and work to find solutions for customers. An ideal candidate possesses excellent communication skills and good manners of telephone courtesy. Patience is also a key quality in a successful customer service agent.