Driver Resume Templates

If we speak in general terms, making a driver resume is not much different than for any other profession. We already know that the CV is a collection of data where in a summary of one or two page pages you expose everything that has been your academic life and the work experience you have as well as the skills that represent you.

In the event that we want to make a driver’s resume, what we would have to be very aware of is that the interviewer knows in one go the amount of transport license you have or in which of them you are a specialist.

The personal data does not differ from whether you had to do the curriculum for any other profession as well as listing the primary studies. However, in the case that it is a curriculum that goes specifically to a driver or driver, it is important to detail those studies that we have specifically related to.

On the other hand, approaching work experience, one of the points to take into account is that the experience you put on the paper should be the one that is related to the profession and the supply demanded, that is, in the event that you have been in for a long time As a truck driver but when you were getting your license you were working as a waiter, this is better avoided because the selector is something that he will not take into account and even, if he is too fussy, he may do so but not in a positive way.

Remember that the coach is interested in knowing the right thing about you and above all, knowing you in the facet for which the job is.

What is a driver’s resume?

We all know that the curriculum vitae is the most popular and used cover letter when we are actively looking for a job. There are many models of these so-called CVs (especially specified by country) but they all have the same purpose: to find a job!

The curriculum is based on a series of data that will help the recruiter to know if you are the perfect candidate at least to quote you in an interview, so in very short and specific lines, we have to get the best out of ourselves.

The job search is a whole battle and being selected for a possible interview, something that they are looking for at a certain time for that, in the event that you are one of those individuals who wants to have this opportunity, you should know how you can do a curriculum.

How to create a driver resume?

In the event that you do not know how to make a driver’s resume or that you make a mess whenever you consider starting it, it is best that you look for a specific model for this profession so that from this, you can make your own (needless to say than with your data)

How to write a driver’s resume

A driver’s resume should highlight the candidate’s ability to ensure proper vehicle operation and a safe ride at all times. The driver must know the vehicle’s systems and be able to solve a series of problems ranging from the simple to the complex. The candidate must have superior orientation skills and be able to plan efficient routes. A successful resume should show excellent communication skills as well as superior customer service skills. By using one of the tested resumes in real life situations and following these helpful tips on creating your resume, you will chart your way to the job you are looking for.

Check out the content of the CV example below

Javier Martinez

  • Avenida de Santander, 123. New York.
  • Contact phone: 606 666 66
  • E-Mail:


Personal driver with experience and good references in terms of punctuality and provision of services. Time flexibility and speed is one of my strengths. Courtesy and personalized treatment with the client, my philosophy.

Personal skills:

  • Seniority as a driver.
  • Control of the vehicle’s emergency systems, first aid and procedures for any kind of inconvenience.
  • Speed ​​and efficiency in solving problems.
  • Discipline and kindness in dealing with clients.
  • Willingness when transporting loads or utensils for clients.
  • Knowledge in mechanics and automobile repair.
  • Puntuality.
  • Provision of own vehicle insured at all risk.
  • Flexibility in terms of schedules and dedication on weekends.


From March 2009 to the present: Taxis Company. Position: Senior personal driver.

  • Transportation of political offices to points throughout the Spanish geography.
  • Inspection of the vehicle prior to each departure.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of vehicles.

From September 2005 to February 2009: Transport Boada. New York. Position: Driver of transport vans.

  • Transfer of documentation and cargo at the provincial level
  • Commissioning of the vehicle plant including mechanical repairs.
  • Transfer of clients as a courtesy driver in case of breakdown.


2003 Graduation in Baccalaureate: Delicias Institute of Seville (Spain).
2007 Diploma in Motor Degree. Dos Hermanas Technical School. Seville. (Spain).

1- Profile summary example

Highlight your greatest achievements and attributes here. Remember to use as many impactful action verbs and job-specific information as you can. It’s crucial to highlight the key attributes and talents that prove your qualifications and accomplishments. Check out the sample content below

Experienced and reliable driver with extensive experience in the transport of goods and passengers. Mastery of safe driving practices and traffic laws. Achieve a clean driving record, as well as a professional record full of satisfied customers and consumers. Experience in maintenance and minor vehicle repairs. Committed to the safety and success of the transport of goods, passengers, and vehicles

2- Example of work experience

List all relevant positions for a professional driver position. Remember to use powerful action verbs and mention specific accomplishments of your job that prove you are an excellent candidate. Check out the sample content below.

700 thousand kilometers without accidents.
Awarded the best driver award in 2011.
Safe and efficient transportation of cargo to destinations.
I work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
Inspection and maintenance of the vehicle before trips.

3-  Example of the Education section

List all your degrees and certifications here. Any honor or distinction must also be mentioned here. If you have a college degree or a master’s degree, you can skip secondary education. Check out the sample content below.


Aug 2005 Madrid Driving School, Class B Commercial Driver’s License
Sep 2005 – Jun 2009 Morris High School, High School Degree

4- Skills section example

An outstanding résumé for a chauffeur, hauler, or truck driver, like this example, should include a number of impactful skills that your employer looks for in a candidate. A hiring manager looking for a driver is looking for someone with superior driving and planning skills. Check out the sample content below!


Hand-eye coordination
Safe driving techniques
Manual dexterity
Map reading ability
Customer Service

What does a professional driver do?

Drivers or chauffeurs are transportation professionals who transport passengers, goods or vehicles. They seek to provide efficient and safe travel and to please customers. Drivers are able to read maps and locate the fastest driving routes. They have excellent judgment skills, and are capable of making firm decisions quickly. An ideal candidate for a driving position possesses excellent mechanical, orientation, and problem-solving skills.