Graduate Resume Templates

Finishing college and facing the world of work is not easy. We must mentalize that we have left the exams and it is time to look for a job -preferably in the field studied-. The objectives for the curriculum can help us to achieve our goal, especially when the objectives for the fresh graduate resume are clear and well defined.

Before starting to write in the curriculum we have to know what type of company we are going to, to focus it in one way or another. Likewise, there is the possibility of making a resume for the most original professional practices, highlighting our capacities and aptitudes in which we have been trained these years.

Sample Graduate Resume

When you begin the task of looking for a job, it is essential to have a completely professional-looking CV that highlights the most important aspects to take into account. Contact details, professional training and professional experience should be clearly visible in order to attract the attention of recruitment teams. Thanks to this great example of CV for graduate students that we provide, finding a job for a recent graduate is much easier. As if that were not enough, throughout the web you will find many other examples and if you wish you can also choose to select this example of CV for graduate students and adapt it with your data.


Paseo de Gracia, n089, Boston, USA / 93 566 22 88/


2011-2014 Graduated in Biology. University of Hardvard.
2014-2016 Master in Biodiversity. Complutense University of Washington.


  • October 2011: Course on molecular regulation of biological processes.
  • February 2012: Zoology Seminar. University of Miami
  • November 2013: Seminar on Cell Biology. University of Hardvard
  • March 2015: Seminar on Morphological Bases of Reproduction and Human Development. Complutense University of New York
  • January 2016: Intensive course on Applied Botany. Complutense University of New York


  • October 2013 – June 2014. Scholar in the Department of Zoology. University of Barcelona
  • November 2015 – May 2016: Internship of the master at Bayer Laboratories. Madrid


  • Native Spanish.
  • Catalan: high level.
  • English: intermediate level.


  • Extensive knowledge in Zoology and Botany.
  • Biodiversity Specialist. Field and laboratory study techniques.
  • Cell Biology Specialization.
  • Extensive knowledge of Cell Development.
  • Specialized in human team coordination tasks.
  • Person with ease for teamwork.
  • Total commitment to laboratory tasks and field work.
  • Very serious, methodical and responsible person with his work.
  • Possibility of change of address or residence immediately.

How to Make a Graduate Resume?

Writing your first CV after graduation can be tricky, especially if you are seeking your first professional position. Below we will explain what you must do to get the job.

What to put in the objectives of the CV if I am a recent graduate?

For companies or institutions it is quite important to know what kind of goals and objectives we have when hiring us. Therefore, if we ask ourselves what to put in the objectives of the curriculum, it is convenient that we know what the company where we want to deliver the curriculum does in order to guide it in one way or another.

Then we will detail our objectives for a resume without experience in a clear and simple way, specifying what our work objectives are for the company. An example of objectives in the Curriculum Vitae of a recent graduate, without going any further, would be the following:

“I want to develop my capacity for responsibility and creativity within a well established and positioned company through the knowledge that I have acquired during the academic years. Also apply the new skills and experience that I acquire. I will always keep in mind the efficiency, effectiveness and fact to be able to add value to my tasks through innovative and fruitful ideas “.

What not to include in the objectives of the recent graduate’s curriculum

It is very important to respect certain “rules” when writing the objectives in the Curriculum Vitae. First of all, don’t appear arrogant, even if we don’t mean to give that impression. On many occasions it is intended to indicate so many skills and abilities in the resume that we generate the opposite effect to the desired one in the recruiter. You can give a picture of the future “know-it-all” interviewee.

Nor should we indicate job objectives in the curriculum that are totally contrary to company policies, unless you do not want to be hired.

Ultimately, getting a good job after graduation requires a lot of interest, perseverance and attitude. And all of this starts with a good resume.

Skills and aptitudes for a recent graduate curriculum

For your recent graduate resume to be complete, it is important that you include a list of the skills that distinguish you from other people who are interested in the vacancy. There are certain characteristics that recruiters look for in recent graduates that will allow you to highlight your CV if you include them. Next, we show you a list of the most sought after skills in recent graduate resume.

  • Critical analysis
  • Puntuality
  • Digital skills
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Provision
  • Investigation

Tips for making a recent graduate resume

Make a good recent graduate resume with the following tips that we have prepared.

  • A recent graduate curriculum must be presented on a single page, for that reason you must summarize your information in precise words.
  • Look for the keywords of the job offer and include them throughout your Curriculum Vitae.
  • The photograph must be recent and professional, a slight smile will make you look better.
  • Try to personalize your resume as a recent graduate for each job offer, since the profiles they are looking for may be different.
  • The courses, seminars or certifications that you have taken should also be included on your resume.
  • Write the area of ​​study in which you are most interested in working, this way recruiters will know if your profile fits or not with the requirements.
  • Use an email address without nicknames or phrases, your first and last name must be included to preserve formality and professionalism.