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Human resource (HR) managers are one of the fundamentals of a company. They handle the entire recruiting of the business’s workforce. As Lawrence Bossidy said, “Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.” The quote justifies how significant the profession is. With that, companies tend to be picky with their human resource. So, if you want a guarantee to get the position, download our premium, professional, and industry-compliant HR Resume Template. Even as an entry-level beginner, we assure you that you can use this template as it is user-friendly, 100% customizable, and easily editable. You can have it in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages formats. Download this template and start recruiting employees now!

How to Create an HR Resume?

An HR Resume is a formal document containing the summary of the objectives, educational background, and job experiences of an applicant for the HR position. Together with a cover letter, a resume is submitted for you to get the HR role that you wanted potentially. Moreover, it is also a marketing tool used to communicate with potential employers.

A resume is your passport towards your destined job position. As TopResume revealed, professionally written resume boosts your earning potential up to 7%. With that, you need to have a brief yet compelling resume for you to become an HR. But, resume making is a long journey to go through, and you might need a little help to achieve it. Well, do not worry! Read this article further as we provide you tips in making an easy fresher resume:

1. Include a Well-Conceived Headline

To write modern and updated resumes, you must write an impactful headline that would summarize your professional career. It would let your potential employer know you more. After that, you can include a two-line subheading defining your headline. For example, if you are making an HR executive resume, including your specialization and credentials for your headline is a smart move. Also, you can refer to another sample resume.

2. Highlight your Achievements

Emphasizing your professional attainments is the most crucial and effective strategy that you can apply in your professional resume. If you fail to do so, your resume will not stand out and worst, be discarded. Also, as the next HR for the company, the employer would want you to have some relevant generalist achievements that you obtained in your past companies. Take note that your future employers wanted to know you, so, you must impress them through your achievements. You can have your achievements in a bullet form for formality and orderliness.

3. Emphasize Job Keywords

Whether a human or a machine scans your resume, it would be preferable if you indicate some keywords relative to the job. Job keywords would play a significant role in your resume as it would turn your resume qualified and fit for the position. To do this, you need to search the keywords through sample resumes or job descriptions. Make a checklist out of it for your reference.

4. Exercise Formality

The content of your resume is not the only factor that your potential employers are considering; they also scan through your resume’s layout. Remain the formality and professionalism in your resume layout. Make your content as brief and concise as possible, as it would also enhance the overall of your resume. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the format of your resume. Avoid blocks of words and allocate an ample amount of white space to avoid confusing your employer. It would not only make your creative resume clean and neat, but it would also turn out compelling and inviting.