Information Technology (IT) Resume Templates

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What is Information Technology?

Although almost everyone is somewhat knowledgable to its potential, we are sometimes confused about its boundaries. What is Information Technology? You might want to ask. Well, the answer to this question is both simple and complex. The first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear these words are usually those individuals who help you when you have a computer problem. While this answer is correct, but this kind of response significantly undermines the value of the field, the field is more than its technical skills. They are more than just the internet and technology that we use in our everyday lives. Information technology does many things. The area not only encompasses personal or business. It also includes both governmental and organizational technological difficulties, both big and small.

How to Create an Information Technology Resume?

Employment of computer and information technology professions is predicted to increase 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The United States is the biggest tech market in the world, factoring 31% of the total $5 trillion industry, or approximately $1.6 trillion for 2019. These results mean that growth is imminent. That is not a one-time deal for the economy but is something like an IT (information technology) industry trend that will sustain from the modern even until the next era.

1. Find A Template

Your first step in creating your resume is to find a template. The internet has a vast and diverse collection of fresher resume templates. What you need to do is to research. is an excellent website when it comes to beautifully designed and professional written formats. Starting from scratch might be an exceptional choice if you have enough time in your hands. If you don’t have that enough leeway, you can be sure that some free templates from the website will help you expedite the process. So, go and download some.

2. Write Your Qualification Summary or Career Objective

After finding the perfect resume for yourself, you need to fill it in. Start by writing your cover letter or application letter. You should write your job application letter on another page. Make sure to write it correctly. After finishing that you can start writing your qualification summary or career objectives. If you are writing a qualification summary, include skills or your qualities that make you fit for the job.

3. Include Your Work Experiences

Next is to write your work experiences, if you had the experience to work for a project as a student, you could include it here. Remember to be detailed but concise. Include your learnings like making a project report or some other skills that you learned from the project manager or those tenured and experienced coworkers. Include more experiences as long as you have. You could write your OJT experience here also.

4. Add Your Educational Background

The next step is to add your educational background. The primary components of this are usually your elementary, junior and senior high, and your bachelor’s. Just do the same thing as what you did with your work experiences, be detailed and concise. Make sure you have a clean resume at the end of this.

5. Include Character Reference

Last is the character reference. The character reference is an essential aspect of the resume. It details your previous work-related individuals (supervisors, team leaders, or boss). You should include how the interviewer or the Human Resource personnel can reach these individuals. Included should be their mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, and how are you related to them and in what way. Proofread your simple resume before printing or sending it to the company or organization where you are applying. Make a sample for your written proofreading if needed.