Internship Resume Templates

It is hard to construct a well thought of and detailed resume in applying for a job, especially if you are still building your foundation towards getting a job in any industry. Let us help you make the perfect resume with the use of our Ready-Made Internship Resume Templates. Our templates are professionally made to help you succeed in any job venture you would make in the future. These templates are readily available and contain original suggestive headings and contents for your convenience. Our templates are also compatible with any file formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Pages. Download in (US) 8.5×11, (A4) 8.27×11.69 inches. Use our premium templates now!

How to Create an Internship Resume

An internship resume is commonly used by graduating college students, undergraduates, and high school students to apply for a job immersion or on the job training. A resume helps an applicant emphasize the qualities and skills that they possess. Most university engineering students—from civil to mechanical—are the ones in need of a more comprehensive resume and cover letter, especially if they want to land a job in an industry that fits their courses.

This resume is a detailed document that helps entry-level students land a job in their field of expertise. We know that creating your resume might be quite challenging and confusing at some point, especially for entry-level students who don’t know how to start. That is why we cite some tips below on how a fresher, like you, can create a basic internship resume.

1. Determine your Goal

You have to know what your objectives are, and put it in your simple resume. Your objective statement will be your employer’s basis to see if you are interested in the job that they are offering. Clearly state your skills and how these could play importance in the job you want to get.

2. Take Note of Your Qualities and Skill

It would be best if you did not forget putting your qualities and skills in your resume format. The qualities that you possess will be your key strengths in landing the job that you are applying to. Be sure that the skill that you include in your resume would be beneficial to the company because the hiring committee will base its questions on how good and serious you are to work with through your qualities and skills.

3. Put Your Educational Background

If the school that you are at right now is a well-known university and has a clean record, then you have to be proud of it and take the opportunity to brag the school’s curriculum. Especially the course that you are at and how the school prepared you for your future endeavors towards finding the perfect job that would fit for you.

4. Write Down Your Experience

Experiences are not necessary for freshers or fresh graduates because it is understandable that they don’t have that much work experience. But if you do have some related skills, that would be a plus point if you are going to apply, then do not hesitate to add them. It would imply that you are capable of working and can easily be trained.

5. Download and Send

The last step is to download the printable resume template that you have made. You can also choose the file format where you want to download your resume and then save it for printing. Or you can immediately distribute your resume to different job hiring platforms and wait for their response. Either way, your resume will be your stepping stone in reaching your goals towards landing an internship job that would fit you.