Photographer Resume

How to make a resume for photographers?

For a professional photographer with 4 years of experience

Sample CV for Photographer

Graduate in Visual Arts with higher studies in visual content creation and professional experience in various studios and for different publications. Expert in digital photography, fashion campaigns, image creation and brand concept for companies, businesses and individuals. Great capacity for teamwork, time management and creativity.

  • Artistic Photography Course
  • Organized and thorough in the development of projects and visual concepts
  • Advanced level in audiovisual material management
  • Official English Certificate (equivalent to C2 level)
  • Experience with analog photography

For a photographer who has completed his higher university studies and is looking for his first full-time job

Sample CV for Photographer

Newly graduated photojournalist with high creative and investigative skills with advanced control of content creation and editing programs. Dedicated, committed and with a great capacity for teamwork. Available to work and develop investigative reports.

  • Control of design programs (Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)
  • Editing course for the web.
  • Advanced skills in writing and visual composition
  • Organization and attention to detail

Vocabulary for the Photographer Resume and writing tips

The use of specific vocabulary accompanied by the correct action verbs will reinforce your professional profile and help you give the feeling of being an expert in your profession. Knowing the specific terminology of your industry and making good use of it is crucial. When writing your photographer CV be careful to check your vocabulary.

We put at your disposal a couple of lists with some examples of specific words and action verbs that will help you write your photographer resume. Feel free to use the following terminology:

Words you can use

  • Editing
  • Analogue photography
  • Lighting
  • Portfolio
  • Printing
  • Minimalist
  • Original
  • Composition
  • CreativeRule of thirds
  • Contents
  • Digital photography

Action verbs

  • Conceptualize
  • Define
  • Customize
  • Create
  • Present
  • Invent
  • Develop
  • Improve
  • Compose
  • Reinforce
  • Customize
  • Edit
  • Compose
  • Prepare
  • Design

Suggestions and Ideas for the Photographer Resume

The resume is our cover letter and is essential to apply for any job. When we want to apply for a photographer position, our resume is an opportunity to highlight our qualities. Delivering a photographer resume allows us to show our capabilities and talents in a single document.


The most convenient in these cases is to use a functional resume format


For this profession, the best option will be to make a creative CV





Personal and contact details

  • Work experience
  • Academic record
  • Skills
  • Languages


  • Ratings
  • Achievements
  • Portfolio
  • Certificates
  • Voluntary experience
  • References


Photography is a profession in which different aptitudes are valued, including discipline, organization, but above all creativity. And although creativity is very important in this profession and you choose a creative web resume format with infographics, videos and images; the most advisable thing will be to use the structure of the functional curriculum. This type of CV allows the information to be distributed by topic, focusing on the skills, professional experiences, achievements and aptitudes of the candidate.

It may interest you: if you have just finished your studies and still do not have extensive work experience, you could learn about how to make a resume without experience.


The style and design of your CV can tell the recruiter a lot about you. Choosing a good design, ideally your own, is one of the best ways to apply for a job in the creative sector. It is advisable to use a creative resume in which your talent and experience as a photographer easily stands out.

In case you don’t know how to start, we share with you some inspiration to know which design to use in your CV. You can use any of the resume templates we have at ResumeTemplates and create a quality resume that will make you stand out.


To apply for a job in Spain, it is necessary to include a personal photo in the curriculum vitae. Although the photographer CV differs from others in terms of design, creativity and originality, the candidate must bear in mind that the photo is important in Spain and will have to add a photo to their graphic designer CV <.


Most photographer CVs should incorporate the following sections:

  • Personal and contact information (telephone, address, etc.)
  • Work experience
  • Academic training
  • Skills
  • Languages

Based on your experience, you can consider including any of the following sections:

  • Ratings
  • Achievements or awards
  • Portfolio
  • Certificates
  • Volunteer experience
  • References

Sections of the Photographer CV

The photographer CV does not have to keep all the classic sections of the traditional resumes, it is a curriculum that has more freedom. Although creativity is valued, it is also crucial that the candidate includes concrete aspects about their academic training and work experience. Employers do not have to wonder when or where you have studied, this information should be visible.

Therefore, although you have creative freedom to make your CV, the photographer resume should include the following:

Work experience

Either within the curriculum itself or in the portfolio, the candidate’s previous experience should be easily seen, the information should be clear and concise. This section should include details such as the title of the position, the dates and a brief description in which you explain the tasks and responsibilities that you carried out in it.


All CVs must include information on academic training. Here the candidate must detail in their curriculum the study center, the start and end dates, and the degree obtained. It is good to highlight or place special emphasis on those studies that have been followed in a school or institute of photography or visual arts. It is not necessary to include all the courses, but those that have added great value to your professional experience.


The skills of each person must be clearly reflected in the resume. Although instead of creating a section under the “skills” section, the ideal would be to show these capacities with concrete examples within the graphic designer curriculum.

To keep in mind: something as important or more than the sections within the photographer’s CV, is to include a portfolio. To know how to include the portfolio:

One of the best alternatives today is that you can create an online portfolio. You can create one through your own domain or using one of the available web tools. Attach the web portfolio to your photographer resume by adding the URL of the domain or it can go within the CV if it is a web resume. In addition to including the portfolio, include a short description of your work and explain what your goals were with them.